Microblading is different from a traditional tattoo, in that it is a form of artistry, where pigment is implanted in the dermal layer of your skin.It is done with a manual handheld tool, not with a tattoo machine.

Microblading is semi-permanent. Yearly touchups are required to keep your brows looking great!

Microblading of your brows defines your eyes and facial structure. It gives your face a younger and more vital appearance. It corrects the look of hair loss from overplucking, aging, or from conditions like alopecia areata, by creating hair strokes that resemble your own brow hairs. check out my work on my Instagram page at:  Pure Artistry Microblading +

*For more information, please contact me via text at 613-803-1502. My name is Sandra.

I offer complimentary consultations, where we will go into more detailed explanation. Come with your questions!

I am a registered nurse and experienced, certified permanent makeup artist. Inspected and I fully follow all infection control best practices. Fully disposable tools and products used.


Rest assured that you are in great hands. Don't trust your face to just anyone!

For pics of my brow microblading work, go to Instagram to Pure Artistry Microblading +

Brow Service Fee's:

taxes are not included in prices


Microblading of Brows: 550.00

Includes preliminary microblading session and one 4-6 week perfecting session.

Microblading plus Shading (Combo Brows): 650.00

*No extra charge for your one 4-6 week perfecting appointment, as it is already included in your fee. (No cash value).

*Please read  the FAQ page for more information and policies

*After 6 weeks, your perfecting session is priced below. From 8 weeks onward, if you miss your perfecting session or decide not to do it, there is a fee for your perfecting session. There is more time, work and pigment required. Priced accordingly. No exceptions.

Your first session is approximately 2 hours. Your included 4- 6 week perfecting session is approximately 1.5 hours.

Perfecting Sessions:

After your 4-6 week time frame has passed for your second session, there is a fee as follows:

8 weeks to 6 months-170.00

12 month-250.00

24 months 400.00

Yearly Colour Boost from your 4-6 week perfecting session date- 250.00

The colour boost refreshes your microblading and replaces any hair strokes that have faded. Keep your brows looking on point!

Am I a candidate for Microblading?

You cannot have microblading if:

-you have oily skin and/or enlarged pores

-you are under 18

-pregnant or breastfeeding, or actively trying to get pregnant

-you have a bleeding disorder

-you are on accutane, or on it in the last year

-you have had botox within 2 weeks before microblading

-you have an active outbreak of excema or psoriasis, skin cancer, shingles, or rashes in or near your brows, until well healed. Cancer that is resolved requires a Dr. note to procede

-you have HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis in any form, or contagious blood born diseases of any kind, microblading cannot be done.

-diabetic if uncontrolled. Dr. note of permission required

-chemotherapy patient in active treatment. Once chemotherapy is completed, a Dr. note is required

-allergy to alcohol, numbing agents or tattoo pigment

*I reserve the right to refuse microblading to an individual I deem not suitable, at my sole discretion.

The following treatments should be avoided within 4 weeks of microblading:

botox, fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments.